Marriage, Family and Ministry | Keith & Kristyn Getty & Bob Lepine |

A behind the scenes conversation with Keith and Kristyn Getty on marriage, parenting and ministry together.

 Technology in Worship | Andrew Scriven |

From Martin Luther and the printing press to the advent of the television and the Billy Graham revivals, new advancements in technology have provided the Church with new means of spreading the Gospel.  In this session, we will look at the use of technology in congregational worship and ask the question – how can this best be used to advance the Gospel and encourage congregations to Sing!

 Behind the Resurrection Letters | Andrew Peterson |

Andrew Peterson talks about his new album in this special behind-the-songs session.

 Visual Arts in the Church | Ed Nash, Ross Wilson & Kim Thomas |

This year the SING! Conference has been graced with the paintings of Ross Wilson, Kim Thomas and Ed Nash representing Incarnation, Easter and the Great Commission. In this seminar, the artists tell their stories in addition to answering questions about developing creative arts in your life and local church.

 Train Them Up: Worship in the Home | Joel Beeke |

Joel Beeke examines dynamic family worship and training the next generation.

 Making the Band Work: the Fundamentals | Tommy Bailey & The Village Chapel Band |

In this seminar, the Village Chapel team discuss how to develop a band in the local church. Band members will share from their experiences and their journey in building a singing church.

 Why Has God Given Talents to Artists In The Church? | Jackie Hill-Perry |

Jackie Hill Perry discusses how to lead and enable creatively gifted members in your church so that they will flourish.

 Vocal Arranging: Helping Your People Sing in Their Voice’s Sweet Spot  | Travis Cottrell |

In this breakout, we’ll talk about how to arrange vocals so that everyone you are leading can sing and worship freely (not just the worship leader).

 Language, Creativity and the Imagination | Sandra McCracken |

Singer-Songwriter Sandra McCracken shares thoughts on some of her songs and the use of poetry and language in the creative process.

 Sing in Hard Places: Amazing Grace in Our Most Deprived Communities | Sol Fenne |

20 Schemes pioneer a vital work of church planting and revitalization in challenging places. This seminar series will look at how the biblical principles of singing in the church apply.

 Musicianship in Worship | Pedro Eustache & John Martin |

Pedro Eustache is a Venezuelan Multi-Directional Flute Virtuoso whose artistry has graced multiple genres; from solos featured on The Passion of the Christ and Pirates of the Carribbean to working with Ravi Shankar and Gustavo Dudamel. In this seminar, Pedro will discuss the role of musicianship in serving Christ and his church.

 The Guitar in Worship | Tavi Jinariu |

Award-Winning Romanian Guitarist Tavi Jinariu brings his artistry and expertise to equipping guitarists for local church music ministry. This seminar is Ideal for all guitar players and music directors alike.

 Confessing Christ: Theology to Doxology | Stephen Nichols |

In Revelation, when the heavens are peeled back and we glimpse into the very throne room of God, we see the worship of the Lamb. Paul tells us that one day the entire earth will resound with one singular confession: “Jesus Christ Is Lord” (Phil. 2:11). So the Bible sets the trajectory for the church. For centuries, the church has produced creeds, proclaiming who Christ is and what He has done. These creeds have been central and essential features in public worship. We’ll explore the great riches of the church’s creeds for the church’s worship. We’ll see how theology leads to doxology, how belief leads us to praise.


Christ and Creativity: the Heart of the Artist | Keith & Kristyn Getty, Trip Lee, Ross Wilson, Jackie Hill-Perry, David Kim, J.A.C. Redford |

Keith and Kristyn Getty interview five celebrated artists about artistry, career, church life, witness and singing.

 Worship Leaders and Tech Teams  | Doug Gould |

Are we speaking the same language? Often times friction points in churches can arise from worship leaders, musicians and audio-visual teams having lack of clarity and lack of communication. This session also discusses helpful ways to build stronger teams and speak each other’s language.

 The Hymns Initiative (Teaching Hymns to Modern Churches) | Shane and Shane |

In the last year, Shane & Shane have focused their music and online teaching platform to teach hymns to contemporary churches. This seminar will highlight the how and why of what they do in addition to providing helpful resources for you to take home.

 Singing and the Art of Godliness | Tim Challies |

Popular Blogger/Author Tim Challies discusses the impact of singing on the Christian life.

 New Songs for Christmas and Easter | Matt Merker, Matt Boswell, Matt Papa, Jordan Kauflin |

The Getty Music writing team share the songs they’re most excited about for this Christmas and Easter. A great opportunity to get to know these writers better and pick up new resources for your church.

 Preaching the Resurrection | Conrad Mbewe |

Conrad Mbewe, known as the Spurgeon of Africa, teaches how pastors can more effectively preach the resurrection of Christ at Easter and throughout the year.

 A Vision for God-Centered Worship in the Next Generation | David and Sally Michael |

In Psalm 78:4, Asaph declares “we will not hide from our children the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might and the wonders he has done.” However, sometimes when we teach our children from God’s Word we unwittingly hide His glory from them. Drawing from nearly three decades of teaching and developing resources for instructing children in the truth, David and Sally Michael illustrate and offer practical strategies for imparting the glory and the wonder of God’s “glorious deeds” that can lead our children to respond with heartfelt worship.

 The Singing Church: Engaging the Congregation | Tommy & Emily Bailey, Jim & Kim Thomas |

In this seminar Tommy Bailey, music director at “The Village Chapel” In Nashville, leads a Q&A on how to build singing in your congregation.

 Is Choir Worth It? | Dan Forrest |

In the interactive session, Award-Winning Composer Dan Forrest discusses how to build choirs in a way that strengthens churches and encourages congregational singing. An excellent opportunity to sing great choral music and take resources home to your church.

 Worship on the Block: Uniting Cultures through the Church’s Worship | Doug Logan |

Diverse communities can unfortunately be divided communities. How does the church – specifically the church’s worship – unite all peoples of different backgrounds and experiences?

Thomas Cranmer and Christ-Centered Worship | John Mason |

Under God, John Mason was the founding minister of two Anglican Churches in Manhattan. He is the Chairman of the Anglican Connection and the Commissary for the Archbishop of Sydney in the USA. In this breakout, he teaches on how Archbishop Thomas Cranmer’s 1552 Liturgy draws us into Christ-Centered Worship.

 Navigating the Music Business (I’ve Written a Song; Now What?) | Getty Music Staff |

It’s a jungle out there! In this seminar the Getty Music Team will provide practical tips and strategies for navigating this business as a songwriter


Pastoral Leadership: Cultivating a Singing Congregation | H.B. Charles, Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever, Jim Thomas, Conrad Mbewe|

No single person influences congregational singing more than the senior pastor. In this seminar we will hear from pastors who are influencing the next generation of leaders on the responsibility of building a singing congregation in your church.

 Lighting and Sound Design to Maximize Congregational Singing | Andrew Scriven and Jeff Barnett |

As we think about sound engineering and lighting design, it’s so easy to focus on the stage and forget about the main artists in congregational worship – the congregation! In this session we’ll discuss techniques from industry-leading sound engineers and lighting designers to utilize technology to maximize singing.

 Poetry and Hymn Writing: Crafting Timeless Lyrics | Stuart Townend |

Stuart Townend’s lyrics for “How Deep the Father’s Love For Us”, “In Christ Alone” and “The Power of the Cross” have touched us all. In this seminar Stuart discusses the importance of poetry, theology and craft in the life of a hymnwriter.

 Have No Fear | John Lennox |

Using examples from the Bible and his own life, Oxford mathematics professor John Lennox explains how we can winsomely share Jesus with our friends despite our fears. This session includes a unique opportunity for Q&A with one of the foremost apologists of our time.

 Building Vibrant Children’s Choirs and Songs Children Can Sing: Christmas and Easter | Katie Sutton and Kellie Cunningham |

Katie Sutton leads a panel of accomplished children’s choir leaders around the building and development of a vibrant children’s choir in your church.

 Wisdom for the Small Church Music Ministry | Matt Merker |

Matt Merker (Co-Writer “He Will Hold Me Fast”, “I Will Wait”) brings his experience helping churches in North America and abroad to this seminar on developing congregational singing and gospel ministry in the context of a small church.

 Multicultural Worship On Earth As It Is In Heaven | Chuck Steddom, Jaewoo Kim, Josh Davis, Michael Sharp |

As people of different nationalities come to Jesus, can they plug into a church where they don’t have to check their culture and heart language at the door? In this seminar we will consider elements of a worship service and how they can be intentionally multi-ethnic. We will give practical examples that you can use in your local context.

 Christ in the Psalms | J. Marty Cope

This breakout will feature an interactive Psalm sing illustrating Christ in the Psalms. Ideal for those who want to expand their use of Psalms in the church and enjoy singing in harmony!

 The Church Choir at Christmas and Easter | Greg Thomas, Dan Forrest, Ed Willmington, Joe Crider |

A panel of experienced choir leaders share both ideas and helpful musical resources as you prepare your choir for Christmas and Easter next year.

 Worshipping a Big God in a Small Church: Making the Most of Limited Resources (Hosted by 20SCHEMES) | Devon Kauflin

As we strive for musical excellence in the church we often face ongoing challenges of limited rehearsal time, changing seasons, people moving away, and a shortage of musicians-not to mention our own limitations. In this practical workshop, you’ll learn to maximize the resources God has provided you and learn the difference between unbiblical expectations and effective stewardship.


The Piano in Worship | Bob Kauflin |

In this workshop geared towards intermediate to advanced pianists, Bob Kauflin will cover a wide variety of techniques relevant to playing the piano in a band. Drawing from 30 years of experience, Bob will cover topics including voicings, modernizing hymns and much more.


Worship and the Mission of God (Hosted by RADICAL) | Jeff Lewis |

“Oh, sing to the Lord a new song, sing to the Lord, all the earth” (Psalm 96:1). This verse introduces us to the global nature and missional foundation of worship. Unfortunately, our contemporary worship reinforces our provincial nature. This breakout will investigate the theology behind the biblical exhortation to worship, the global context of worship, and the missiological implication of worship.


The Orchestra at Christmas and Easter | Ben Harding, Alana Carithers, Benjamin Klemme |

A panel discussion around the two most strategic times of year for church orchestra. This seminar will include opportunities to pick up fresh ideas, perspectives and resources to energize music in your church in the next year.


Ask Pastor John | John Piper|

The popular podcast from Desiring God, *Ask Pastor John*, is going live at the Sing! conference. Ask John Piper anything about theology, worship, Christian living, leadership, and more. Moderated by Tony Reinke, tweet your questions in now, later, or live using the hashtag #askpastorjohn.

 Technology for Worship Panel Discussion and Q&A  | Andrew Scriven, Jeff Barnett, Doug Gould |

A guided discussion with industry leaders in sound, lighting, and other technology tools combining over 50+ years of industry experience. Learn tips, tools, and techniques applicable to churches of any size. Plus, there will be plenty of time to ask all of your questions!

 His Mercy Is More: Behind the Hymns of Matt Papa and Matt Boswell | Matt Papa & Matt Boswell |

Matt Papa and Matt Boswell are two of the most prolific hymn writers in the church today with standards such as “His Mercy Is More” and “Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery.” In this seminar they discuss their anthology project released this month and introduce a few of their hymns.

 Carpe Diem — Time in Hymns and in Witnessing | Os Guinness |

For Christians to stand as an effective counter-culture today, we need to understand and to live out the great foundational truths of the Scriptures. An often neglected one is the biblical view of time and history, which is decisively different from both the eastern and the secularist views. Far from theoretical and abstract, the Bible’s view is a key to faithful living at a moment of mounting opposition.

 Children’s Leadership Seminar

In this session we will discuss how to deepen children’s understanding of theology and expand their creativity.

 Lessons from a Life of Music: Creativity in the Church | Charlie Peacock & Kim Thomas |

Charlie Peacock is a multi award-winning musician who began as an artist, then went on to produce Amy Grant, Switchfoot and The Civil Wars, in addition to founding Art House Studios in Nashville. Kim Thomas, Author and Painter, and staff at The Village Chapel, will interview Charlie about his remarkable life as a creative believer.

 Preaching the Incarnation | H.B. Charles |

H.B. Charles is a dynamic expositional Bible teacher who will inform and inspire preachers in this seminar in preparation for the Christmas season.

 The Supremacy of Christ: Music Is Great, Jesus Is Greater | Bob Kauflin|

Music is a good gift from God that benefits people of different cultures in countless ways. In this seminar Bob Kauflin speaks to how we must treasure Jesus more than the music we make for his glory.

 Vocal Artistry | Kim Wood Sandusky |

Kim Wood Sandusky is vocal coach to artists from Beyoncé to Faith Hill and has been involved in church music her whole life. In this seminar Kim teaches how to prepare, practice, perform and lead other people in singing.

 Behind the Songs | Ellie Holcomb |

Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter Ellie Holcomb has an accomplished career both as a solo artist and alongside her husband, Drew Holcomb. Additionally Ellie has written music and worship songs for the purpose of teaching the Bible to children. In this seminar she performs a number of her songs, introduces material for your church and family, and shares stories behind her music.

 Christianity, Art and Culture | Ross Wilson |

World-renowned Northern Irish Artist Ross Wilson examines how the Christian narrative impacts art.

 Ten Thousand Years: Reflecting the Songs of Heaven | Scott Redd |

Scott Redd (President of RTS – Washington DC Campus) teaches on the biblical picture of heaven and how it should inform our worship here on earth.

 An Audience with David Kim | David Kim and Deborah Klemme |

David Kim is a Korean-American Violinist and Concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra. In this session moderated by Deborah Klemme, David will perform and share from the experiences of his music career and encourage musicians serving in the church.