We cannot begin to tell you how excited we are for this year and the Sing! project

It began as a book and a conference in September of 2017, launching a multi-year focus on congregational singing. We are hoping and praying that this year’s conference is the most significant event our organization has ever had the privilege to initiate.

The launch of the Sing! initiative was in many ways tied in with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation set in motion by Martin Luther whose vision for congregational singing, theology and music and the arts was utterly revolutionary in church history and more needed today than any time since.

There are five urgent goals with the project:

  1. Teach everyone why and how we sing.
  2. Build deep believers through what we sing.
  3. Strengthen and encourage families to sing together.
  4. Build churches by singing together and to each other.
  5. Witness to our wider communities by our singing.

We hope you all can join us and pray for this next chapter in this exciting new project.

With grace and peace,
Keith & Kristyn

Keith & Kristyn Getty